Innovation unit

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Texen Lab, Texen spirit

Perfume, cosmetics, and food are all about exploring new emotional territory and appealing to the senses. As an expert in complex solutions, we’ve been innovating for over 30 years to help customers stay ahead of future trends. The Texen Lab helps us do just that—streamlining the collaborative process with the creators who inspire us. This hotbed of collaborative expertise and innovation develops tailored industrial approaches that deliver.

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Innovation and co-creation

The Texen Lab puts the most talented engineers to work side by side with injection molding specialists, designers, and marketing experts. Together, they pool their experience and expertise to explore the latest trends, technologies, materials, and resources.

From idea to market

By working in close collaboration with customers to solve problems and invent new solutions, we help them bring their products to life. Exclusive technologies like our special multi-process press, vacuum metallization unit, and rapid prototyping equipment allow the Texen Lab to come up with original material combinations as designers and production staff collaborate in real time. Our pre-production machines reduce time to market. By giving shape to dreams, we help spark desires.